The tec4AGRO research group ( offers this Service to researchers and other users interested in the acquisition of spatial information of crops and forests through remote-sensing platforms, mainly based on drones and diverse sensors (visible-RGB, multi-spectral). The Service also offers the processing and analysis of the remotely-sensed data and images with customised algorithms and/or commercial software, which allows us to generate a georeferenced and high-quality product adapted to the user’s requirements. To do this, the Service has a specialized team as well as monitoring technologies that include drones, cameras and sensors, GPS-RTK equipment, access to satellite image servers, and specific software for the analysis of images and geospatial data.

Terms of Service

This service is offered at a variable cost depending on different factors: 1) travel costs to the working place from the ICA-CSIC office in Madrid, 2) flight length and study/analysis surface, 3) type of remote platform, camera or sensor used, 4) personnel needed to carry out work outdoors and in the office.

This service has a centimeter precision receiver for capturing Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) data, compatible with multiple satellite constellations (GPS, GLONASS, Galileo) and correction services (from traditional RTK and VRS networks, to commercial satellite or Internet correction services).

This service has computer equipment and specialized technical software to execute the various stages of remote-sensed image and data processing, including ortho-mosaic, geo-referencing, geometric and radiometric correction, digital surface model (DSM) generation, as well as analysis with diverse pixel- and object-based techniques and algorithms. As a result of the analyses, we will provide cartographic products in specific formats (raster, vector, tabular, map) adapted to the requirements of the end-user and an associated technical report.

This service offers the generation of procedures and algorithms for the analysis of remote-sensed data and images adapted to the user’s requirements and specific objectives. The main languages used are Matlab, Python, and object-based image analysis approaches.

This service has a high-capacity unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV, dron) that allows for the acquisition of aerial images with various sensors and cameras in the visible and near-infrared spectrum, providing georeferenced RGB and multi-spectral data, as well as digital surface models (MDS) with high-quality photogrammetric results. The different variants of the service take into account the type of camera used and the area and duration of the flights, as well as the distance to the study area and travel/night expenses.